GhastyGhasto Development Vlog

Update coming soon!!! REALLY SOON!      iOS version  shortly after! Want to help Out? Speed things along?

Get it on Google Play

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Unity and Facebook are now in a Relationship … and it’s Awesome!

 This is going to be GREAT!
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Gorse for GhastyGhasto Beta 3

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Ghasty Ghasto Update

Friends! This is my project, well, Corey Skiffington and I are working on this android app, Not Coke-a-Cola or YOLO or monkey video… But OUR Project! If you know me, related to me, LIKE THIS… IT does help. So , If you get an invite, it’s me spamming the invite button. I’ll do it again until all of you are added… or you remove me from your friends list. SO LIKE IT, LOVE IT, THROW SOME TNT ON IT, AND LIGHT IT!!!!

Enchanted Troll

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